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"I would unreservedly recommend Paula's 'Final Polish' edit, she found a dozen typos introduced during the editing process. She is efficient, dedicated and has a lovely notification style, making her very easy to work with."


Jacky Gray

Author of the Hengist and Bryant Rockwell series

"After looking at a manuscript several times it’s difficult to catch typos in my own work and even after the book has been through other eyes, things slip through. Paula caught several typos and was efficient as well, I’d highly recommend her as a proofreader and plan to work with her on my next novel."

Cynthia Luhrs

Author of the Merriweather Sisters Time Travel series

"I’ve used Paula many times as an ARC reader and she’s amazing. She spots things that my editing and proofing team miss. She’s saved me from embarrassment more than once with my stories! Not only has Paula got eagle-eyes and a wealth of grammatical knowledge, she’s a lovely person to work with."

Gillian Larkin

Author of the Julia Blake Cozy Mystery Series

"Paula has been proof-reading for me for over a year now and is always painstaking, thorough and swift in her work. I can wholeheartedly recommend her."

Celina Grace

Author of the Kate Redman Mystery Series

"I found Paula to be dependable, efficient and easy to work with. I recommend her for your proofreading needs."

Nora LeDuc

Author of the Love and Mystery in the 6-oh-3 series

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