How it Works

You kindly email me your Word document, and I will return it with corrections via track changes and comment boxes. 

All files and content will, of course, be treated confidentially.


$2/1K words for polishing (hardly any errors).

$2-$7/1K words for heavier proofreading and/or copy editing.

Each book project will differ, so fees will vary. So, to begin with, why not get in touch to discuss your needs? I’m nice to talk to (so I'm told!) and I won’t waste your time. I'm here at:


***My minimum fee overall for any project is $50.***

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Proofreading versus Copy Editing

Not sure about the difference between Proofreading & Copy Editing?

Well, hiring an editor is the first port of call for a new manuscript. They will deal with your work in depth, from fixing spelling mistakes and grammar, to checking style and revising wherever necessary. That said, I have been proficient in picking up inconsistencies in a manuscript as well.

A copy editor/proofreader like myself is brought in to give the manuscript a final polish. This includes checking formatting as well as spelling and grammar (yes, stuff often gets missed in the initial editing phase!).

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