My proofreading/copy editing life was a natural evolution...

As a "reader" for a media-monitoring company for 14 years, I learned to hone my "eagle-eye" skills, scanning newspapers for clients' press coverage.


Later, I became an ARC (advance/beta reader) for cozy mystery writers such as Amy Vansant, Nancy McGovern and Gillian Larkin, and others. After a while, authors were so pleased with my skills that they offered to pay me.


I did a short stint for a small publishing company, and am currently copy editing for another publishing company here in Canada. Since then, I haven't looked back. Through word-of-mouth, I'm now using my skills in a professional capacity.

Whenever I need a break from copy editing, my free time includes caring for our many sanctuary animals, and reading. I continue to read books for fun (my favorites are cozy mysteries, mysteries, and suspense). My husband is also a professional copy editor/proofreader, and together we run a rescue sanctuary for bunnies, guinea pigs, birds and rats in a rural village in Southern Ontario.

So if you need my services, please hire me - the little critters all need feeding! 😉