I'm Paula, and if you're an author of--ANY GENRE--you're in the right place!

So you've just written your book, you've had it edited - now what?

Before you unleash it into the public domain, you'll need a fresh pair of eyes on that manuscript to make sure all those niggling spelling, grammar, and style mistakes are eradicated. 

Why? Because nothing screams amateur more than a book riddled with errors.

So you need a line editor, copy editor and/or proofreader... And this is where I come in!

I am well-versed in US/UK spelling and idioms.

Having worked with a number of authors now, I understand how important it is to get your book just right before launch. And I love giving manuscripts that all-important final polish, to make them look as professional as possible. I enjoy many different genres! Many of my clients are also repeat customers.

Why not click below to find out more about me & what I'm able to offer you...

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